Privacy Policy

Policy Regarding the Privacy of Your Financial Information

  1. Recognition of the Customer's Expectation of Privacy

    The Shell Lake State Bank recognizes our customer's expectation that information provided to us by our customers or obtained by us about our customers will be safeguarded by Shell Lake State Bank.

    We take our commitment to safeguarding customer information seriously, which is why we have adopted the following principles for current and former customers:

    Shell Lake State Bank collects, retains, and uses customer information only where we believe it is useful (and allowed by law) in administering Shell Lake State Bank business and to provide products, services, and other opportunities to our customers.

    Shell Lake State Bank limits employee access to personally identifiable information to those with a business reason for knowing such information. Shell Lake State Bank stresses the importance of confidentiality and customer privacy in the education of its employees. Shell Lake State Bank also takes appropriate disciplinary measures to enforce employee privacy responsibilities.

    Shell Lake State Bank does not disclose our customers' personal or account information to unaffiliated third parties, except for the transferring of information to reputable credit reporting agencies; or when the information is provided to help complete a customer initiated transaction; the customer requested the release of the information; or the disclosure is required or allowed by law.

    Shell Lake State Bank maintains appropriate security standards and procedures regarding unauthorized access to customer information.

    If Shell Lake State Bank provides personally identifiable information to a third party, we insist that the third party adhere to similar privacy principles that provide for keeping such information confidential.

    This policy is intended to describe how we collect, maintain, disclose, and dispose of customer information, and how you can choose how information about you is used by us. This policy may be amended from time to time at our discretion. If you have any questions, comments, or complaints about the privacy of information about you, please contact us at Shell Lake State Bank, 102 5th Ave, PO Box 130, Shell Lake, WI 54871-0130 or by phone at (715) 468-7858 or by e-mail at

  2. Collecting Information

    When you contact us about our products and services, you may be asked to provide us with information about yourself and other relevant persons. This is information that is useful and allowed by law to administer our accounts and provide products, services, and other opportunities to you. You may provide information directly, for example, in a loan application, when opening a deposit account, or by completing information requests such as surveys.

    We gather information about you directly through our experiences of doing business with you, such as your loan balances, information about the products you purchase, and your loan payment history.

    We may also obtain additional information upon your authorization about your credit history from outside sources. For example, when you apply for a loan or deposit account, we may obtain a credit report from a credit reporting agency. We obtain credit reports when you initiate a transaction with us for which we need to know your credit history or we need to review or collect an existing account.

    If you send us an e-mail message, we learn your e-mail address, as well as the information you provide in your message.

    Collecting Information on our Web Site

    Shell Lake State Bank understands the importance of protecting the privacy of our customers and others who visit our web site. We consider any personal information you may supply to us to be personal and confidential, and we are committed to using this information solely for the purpose of providing you with superior service and convenient access to the right products and services.

    Our web site uses temporary session cookies to assist us in securing your online activities and to enhance the performance of the site. The cookie stores a session ID that allows the site to recognize that a page request from someone who has logged on. Once you leave the site, the temporary cookie expires and is deleted from your computer. We examine group activity and do not watch any individual's browsing patterns.

    You can set your browser to reject cookies, however, if you choose to reject cookies, you cannot bank online with Shell Lake State Bank. If your browser rejects cookies you may not be able to log onto your favorite sites or use the features you like most within those sites.

    We recommend that you log off our website after completing your transactions and before surfing other sites or turning off your computer. We also suggest that while logged on to the online banking portion of our website you not surf other sites.

    Our website contains links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of those sites or the content of those sites.

    Our web site and the services provided on it is intended to be used by adults only. We comply with the Children's Online Protection Act and do not knowingly solicit or collect information from children.

  3. Disclosure of Information About You

    Unless you tell us to share information about you, the only disclosures we make relating to information about you and your accounts or transactions on your accounts are those that we are either:

    1. Required to make by law, for example, in response to a court order, or
    2. Those that are permitted by law, which, in general, are those that are appropriate or necessary for us to make in order to maintain, administer and service your business transactions with us, for example, where it is necessary for completing transfers and tracing transactions or, resolving errors or claims.
  4. Employee Access / Security

    Each of our employees is trained in our policies regarding the confidentiality of customer information in our files. Each of our employees understands that each has a role in safeguarding the privacy of your personal information.

    Information is retained is such a way that it is accessible only by employees who need the information to perform their job. Our employees understand and appreciate the sensitive nature of the information provided to us by our customers and the priority that we place on the privacy of your personal information.

    Web Site Security

    When contacting us at our web site, please remember that it is accessible by the public. Security measures must be taken to ensure that unauthorized access to your personal information is prevented.

    Our web site has been structured to incorporate the following security measures:

    Information you submit to our web site, as well as information we send back to you while you are visiting our web site via a secure connection denoted by a closed padlock or key, and a web address (URL) with a prefix of "https," is protected while passing through the Internet using encryption (we recommend 128 bit encryption). Encryption is a method of converting information into an unintelligible code or "scrambled" code that is unreadable to anyone without the ability to decrypt or "decode" it. 128 bit encryption is the strongest available encryption used by most browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, e.g.). Due to the secure nature of your confidential information, the information is encrypted before it is transmitted through the Internet. We allow only confidential information to be submitted for transmission if your browser is compatible to initiate a secure connection. If your browser is not compatible, you may receive a message stating that you will not be in a secure mode and will be given an option to cancel, as your transaction cannot be completed because of a potential security risk.

    Once reviewed by us, e.g. a loan application submitted via our web site, all secure information is received by approved personnel. Auditing mechanisms have been put into place to further protect your information by identifying which employees have accessed, and in any way, modified, updated or added to your personal information.

    You account information is not permanently stored on our web site server. The information only resides on our web site while you are viewing the information. It is permanently stored on our secured corporate computer system.

    Messages that you send to us by e-mail (plain-text format) are subject to reviewing, alteration, and copying by potentially anyone on the Internet. We encourage you to send confidential correspondence through either the postal service or by using the telephone to speak directly to our employees.

    Depending on the transaction, unauthorized access to your information is further prevented by using a unique personal identification number (PIN). The information that you request from our web site for your account can only be accessed with your PIN. It is your responsibility to keep your PIN confidential. We recommend that you follow these guidelines in protecting the confidentiality of your PIN:

    1. Memorize your PIN and do not reveal your PIN to anyone.
    2. Never write your PIN on something that may be seen by others.
    3. Contact us immediately to change your PIN if you suspect someone has discovered it.
  5. Maintaining Accurate Information

    We strive to retain complete, accurate, and current information on our customers. If you believe that any information in your records with us is insufficient, inaccurate, or out of date, please contact us as follows:

    By mail at: Shell Lake State Bank
    PO Box 130
    Shell Lake, WI 54871
    By telephone at: (715)468-7858
    By facsimile at: (715)468-7941
    By e-mail at:

    Accuracy is important not only for our file, but also to be sure that we provide accurate data to the credit reporting agencies to which we may furnish transactional data. If you dispute any information in your credit file that was furnished to an authorized inquiring agency by notifying that agency, we will in turn be notified. We will promptly review and investigate any such notice and take the necessary measures to correct any errors and report the findings to the credit reporting agency.

    Manual inquiries of your credit and account information by parties other than by credit reporting agencies are given only upon receipt by mail, facsimile or delivery of a source document which provides your signed authorization of the release of the requested information.

    From time to time inquiries from local financial institutions for credit information are received in support of a pending transaction that you may have at that institution.

    Upon receipt of your authorization via a signature or other means deemed appropriate in the circumstances by the attendant employee, the requested information will be provided to assist in the processing of your transaction.

    Access to your personal account information via the Shell Lake State Bank Customer Link Tele-Banking System is allowed only upon the entry of your unique "user code" which is your social security number and your personal identification number (PIN) as established upon your initial use of the tele-banking system. The recommended protective security measures of your PIN as described previously in the policy apply.

  6. Disposal of Information

    We retain individual records for different periods of time depending upon state and federal record retention requirements, internal risk management policies and need.

    Before we dispose of any record containing personal information relating to our customers, we will either shred the record, erase any personal information contained in the records, or modify the records to make any personal information unreadable, and will take all actions that we reasonably believe necessary to be sure that no unauthorized person will have access to your personal information between the period of our disposal of the record and its destruction.