Online Bill Payment

Shell Lake State Bank offers online bill payment through Check Free. You must be enrolled as a user of Online Banking before you can utilize the bill payment option. There is no monthly base fee for Bill Payment.

Transfer between accounts

Other options included with Bill Payment include transfers between accounts you own at Shell Lake State Bank and accounts you may own at other banks. These transfers will cost $2.00 each per transaction.

Zash Pay (make payments or transfers to individuals)

Another product included with Bill Payment is called "ZASH PAY". This option lets you make payments or transfers to individuals. For example, if you want to transfer money to a student at college, you can use this option. These transactions cost $.50 each per transaction.

Overnight Checks

Lastly, there is the ability to send overnight checks to billers. This option carries a fee of $13.95.

Bill Pay Demo

Watch Online Bill Payment demo.