e-Statement Questions and Answers

Now you can experience technology at it’s finest with Shell Lake State Bank’s Internet Banking e-Statements.  Don’t worry about storing or destroying your paper statements or waiting for them to arrive in the mail, now you can download them directly from Online Banking with e-Statements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an e-Statement?
It is an electronic form of statement delivery.  With e-Statements you sign up once and from then on you can access your statement electronically through our Online Banking.  We will send you an email when we have processed your statement.  The email informs you that your statement is available when you log into Online Banking.

Why should I sign up?
This is a much faster and safer way to receive your statement.  Typically you can get your statement the morning after it is produced instead of waiting for us to print it, stuff it and mail it to you.  You can connect to us through Online Banking and then securely download your statement to your pc or network for storage, viewing or printing.

Is there a cost to receive e-Statements?
No, it’s free!

How do I sign up?
Since e-Statements are delivered through Online Banking, you must first be an Online Banking customer.  Signing up is easy and you get the benefits of accessing your account information online.  You can check account balances, review account activity, view check images, transfer funds and make loan payments.

Sign up for Online Banking by accessing www.shelllakestatebank.com.  Click on “New User? Click Here” on the Online Banking section of the homepage.  Fill out the information requested and click submit. 

Where do I find Adobe Reader if I don’t have it?
Please visit the following website to download a free copy of Adobe Reader  http://www.adobe.com/downloads

How is my account information protected?
Your statement is protected by the same multi-layered security system that protects your Online Banking accounts.


How do I receive my e-Statement?
You will receive an email notification when your statement is ready.  Then you simply log into Online Banking, click on your account, then click on the Documents Tab to view your available statements.

Will I still receive paper statements?
No.  Once you sign up for e-Statements, paper statements won’t be sent through the mail.  You will continue to have the option to request historical statements, for which fees may apply.

If I receive paper images of checks in my paper statement will I continue to receive them with e-Statements?
Yes.  Copies of your check images will appear in your e-Statement

What if I don’t get my e-Statement?
If you haven’t received an email notifying you that your statement is available to view online, we may have in invalid or outdated email address on file for you.  Please log into our Online Banking website and selecting the Options tab.  Or you can email us at askslsb@shelllakestatebank.com.

What if I need to change my email address?
You can update your email address by logging into our Online Banking website and selecting the Options tab. 

Online Banking Disclosure for Electronic Deposit Account Statements:

Registering for e-Statements:

When e-Statements becomes available, you will need to login to Online Banking at Shell Lake State Bank's web site www.shelllakestatebank.com and an invitation to sign up for e-Statements will appear.  By checking the terms and conditions box, you agree to receive all requested and available account statements electronically and understand that you will no longer receive paper statements for the account(s) you have selected.  Online banking provides you with a secure environment to view your e-Statements as well as the option to balance your statement online and print your statement if desired

To retrieve your electronic statement monthly:

  1. Login in to your Online banking account
  2. From the summary screen, choose your account under the “Deposits” section
  3. After the page loads, click the “Documents” tab
  4. Under the “Document Types” click the link for your e-Statement
  5. After the page loads, clink the link for the statement you want to retrieve from the list
  6. Click the printer icon in your browse to print the e-Statement
  7. For record retention, please save to disk, your computer or print a hard copy.

Your statements will remain on our web site for a period of 12 calendar months.  After that time they will be purged from our system, therefore you need to keep a permanent record of your statement account history.